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Tim is a Dallas-based photographer with a passion for creating beautiful art with his camera.  The path that led him to a career in photography is interesting and unique. His youth was spent focused almost entirely on competitive sports; primarily baseball and football, with very little exposure to the arts.  Then, a multi-year career as an attorney kept him very busy.


For years, he said that he felt like an artist trapped in a body with no artistic talent.  Something he found quite frustrating. One day, he made the conscious decision to try to satisfy his soul’s desire to create by resolving to take photos of things he found interesting.  Armed with an old iPhone, he started pulling over his truck and snapping pictures of everything that caught his eye. Turns out, he was blessed with an artistic eye. Something he was unaware of most of his life.


The discovery of this gift set Tim’s soul on fire.  His desire to create is unquenchable. He loves to collaborate with people to capture and create beautiful images, and he invites you to join him on his creative journey.  

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